About – Tim Doud and Diamond Creek Mules

Diamond Creek Mules is located in Cody, Wyoming with the picturesque view of the Carter Mountain Range to the south and the magnificent Absaroka Mountain Range to the west.

Along with excellent views come well-bred mules and donkeys. The primary interest of Diamond Creek Mules owner and John & Josh Lyons Certified Trainer Tim Doud is breeding, raising and training quality performance mules and donkeys. Tim produces only a few mules and donkeys each year from proven mares and jennies. This attention to quality earned Tim the 2004 North American Saddle Mule Association Leading Breeder award.

Not only does Tim breed fine mules and donkeys, he trains them just as meticulously. In 2006, Tim was the first person to successfully complete the John & Josh Lyons Certification Program with only Mules. Tim’s patience with animals has earned him much success with many breeds of our four-legged friends.

With his newest title, John & Josh Lyons Certified Trainer, Tim has become a highly-sought-after mule trainer. He is a staff writer for Mules & More Magazine as well as the founder of the Custom Mule & Donkey Program.
Tim will train your mule or donkey to your specifications – that is – exactly how you want your mule or donkey trained. With time and patience, Tim will help you and your equine become life-partners on the trail or in the show ring.

Tim continues to accept outside mules into his nationally renowned training program. His patience and ability to bring out the best in his “students” is unprecedented.

Tim’s knowledge and accolades speak for themselves…his award winning breeding program, the first person to complete the John & Josh Lyons Certification program with two mules, and a NASMA Hall of Fame grand-champion herd sire “Diamond Creek Major”.

For additional information on booking your mule for training, please see our “Training” page or call Tim at (307) 899-6553 .