Client Testimonials

Tim, Hello I just wanted to tell about Ester. I went out to the round pen on Saturday and I called her, she was up in the field and she came right down and followed me in thru the gate of the round pen. I was shocked! Then I sent her around in both directions and ask her to come to me and she did. Then I sent her around again and just when she was stopping to turn to me, I walked away and she followed me. I can't believe how good she is being. At this point I was wishing I had a towel with me, but instead I used my vest I was wearing. At first she jumped away from me, so I sent her off again. We did this about 3 times until she figured out she better just stand there while I rub my vest over her. I think she was getting tired of going around. Then when I let her out of the round pen she was watching me as I walked away, so I thought what the heck and I asked her to come to me, and she did. I cannot Thank You two enough for coming and helping me. Also I found the Round Pen Reasoning Tape on Ebay. I had to bid on it 4 different times until I finally got one. I will keep you updated on Ester. Maybe you'll get around here again. Thank You both and Happy Holidays.

Darla Ferry & “Ester” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania​

Tim you are the best teacher I have ever come across. You definitely know what you’re doing and you don't hold anything back when asked a question. You take more pride in what you do in one day, than most men do in a lifetime. You are one of the best horsemen,(mulemen) I’ve ever met. You're a perfectionist. I'm honored & feel privileged to have been one of your students. THANK-YOU TIM you'll be remembered by me until my dying days.

Tracy Armstrong, Raft River, ID

I classify you "Tim Doud" a very fair, patient man and one hell of a teacher. You are Top Notch. If there is a better person or teacher I would have to see it to believe it. I have learned more than I could ever have imagined.

Chad Robertson, Kingsport, TN

Tim your very patient and you will take the time to cover everything that students are wondering about and having problems with.

Doug Magnus, Petersburg, ND

Tim is a class act. He takes the time to help people and takes pride in his work. He is in my opinion a top notch person.

Patrick Freeland, Almond, NY

Tim is an excellent teacher as well as a fantastic person. His patient, courtesy and willingness to help you if you need it. He covers material thoroughly and doesn't move on until you got it. I learned so much from Tim.

Tom Tomlinson, Re Hook, NY

I have been around horses all my life, but never mules. Tim knows more about horses and mules than anyone I know. He takes his time to teach his mules what they need. He does the same with his students. Tim has more patience than anyone I have ever seen.

Jay McKee, Dixon, WY

Tim, I appreciate the extra time you took with students to make sure we learned everything. You are a class act and show that you really care for your students. I learned more than I ever thought I could. I also appreciate all the time you took to talk to me and answer all my questions before I arrived. You called me back on the phone more times than I can remember.

Travis Patterson, West Lafeyette, OH
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