Jennets – Diamond Creek Major


1997 Black/Grey Roan Mammoth – AMJR 39536
Heidi is a favorite with ranch visitors. She is a gorgeous jennet and loves everyone. Heidi also has an “in your pocket”personality. She is sweet and well mannered. Her disposition is exceptional. Not to mention she has a refined head, big round ears, a tight muzzle and a well set neck. Her conformation is as good as it gets.


2012 mammoth Jennet with white points – AMJR 39537
“Rue” is a proven producer of quality mammoth donkeys and passes on her features of a smaller head and medium bone. “Rue” is definitely the sweetest and friendliest Jennet you will ever meet and is one of our favorites. She greets you with a bray and always runs up to the gate to meet us. She is also a perfect match with “Diamond Creek Major”


2015 Black Mammoth Jennet with white points – AMJR 39568
Willow has a small petite head, big ears and great conformation. Shy girl but is also looking to please. She is a perfect match with Diamond Creek Major to produce a fantastic Donkey.


2016 Black mammoth Jennet with white points – AMJR 39539
She is a young very refined mammoth Jennet. Great confirmation an excellent disposition. Loves people and loves attention. She has a small refined head and long legs. Will be an excellent match with Diamond Creek Major.