Tim Doud John Lyons Certified Trainer

“It is not about what Tim can do with your mule, it’s what YOU can do with your mule.”

Tim Doud has been training and breeding mules and donkeys for over 25 years and is one of the most sought-after mule and donkey trainers in the United States. In 1984, Tim moved to beautiful Cody, Wyoming to work as a guide in the high country and wilderness of the Shoshone National Forrest. Having worked with horses and mules for many years, Tim adapted well to guiding and packing with equines. In 1993, now the owner of the outfitting business he once worked for, Tim wanted only the best equines for his clients. After two years of careful searching, he came across Major and began an impressive line of working mules and donkeys by Diamond Creek Major.

Tim understood that his mules and donkeys were exceptional and began training and showing his stock throughout the United States at sanctioned shows. Diamond Creek Angel, Diamond Creek Classic Twist, Diamond Creek Major are just a few of the mules and donkeys that won top accolades. For his efforts, Tim was named the North American Saddle Mule Association Leading Breeder.

A highly sought-after and well-accomplished breeder and trainer, Tim continues to accept outside mules into his nationally renowned training program. His patience and ability to bring out the best in his “students” is unprecedented.

Tim’s knowledge and accolades speak for themselves…his award winning breeding program, the first person to complete the John & Josh Lyons Certification program with two mules, and a grand-champion herd sire.