Breeding – Trainer: Tim Doud

Diamond Creek Mules is owned and operated by Timothy Doud, a John and Josh Lyons Certified Trainer. For nearly 25 years, Tim has been breeding some of the most desired mules and donkeys in the industry. Clients all over the United States continue to demand the mules that Tim breeds at his ranch in beautiful Cody, Wyoming.

Diamond Creek Major was the first jack ever registered by the North American Saddle Association. His registration number is ND-0001. “Major” is also registered with the American Mammoth Jackstock Registry, registration #38597 and the American Donkey & Jackstock Registry, registration #A-9738.

Diamond Creek Major, at stud, is one of the most sought after Jacks in the industry. His pedigree speaks for itself, as do his offspring. Mules and Donkeys from Tim’s award winning program have nearly flawless confirmation and can be found in all facets of the equine industry, including the race track, pulling pack strings, in the show ring, or on the trail. Because of the diversity and fine equines produced at Diamond Creek Mules, Tim was named the 2004 North American Saddle Mule Association Leading Breeder.

(from left to right) John Lyons, Tim Doud and Josh Lyons

Tim expanded his knowledge of the equine industry by becoming a John and Josh Lyons Certified Trainer in 2006. He was the first person to successfully complete the program with two mules. Tim was accompanied by Diamond Creek Angel, the first mule by Diamond Creek Major, and Diamond Creek Grover out of the popular Thoroughbred/Clydesdale mare PT. The certification has helped Tim become a more knowledgeable breeder and a highly sought-after mule trainer.

Tim has also introduced the Custom Mule Program ® to his breeding program. You may purchase a mule from Tim and he will train the mule to your specifications. For more information on the outstanding program offered by Diamond Creek Mules, visit our Training Site or give Tim a call.