Training Programs

Tim uses the methods of John Lyons and was the first person to graduate from the Certification Program using only Mules. Tim has studied John Lyons’ training program for over 25 years and has been training using his methods for nearly the same. Tim offers the following training programs. Please read about Tim’s training programs in further detail below.

Mules are trained using a Full-Cheek Snaffle bit only. Groundwork and Bridle work are taught to each mule before the mule is mounted for the first time. This way, your mule knows the basic Bridle Cues – disengage hind quarters, moving the shoulder, stopping, etc. before the first ride. This makes it safer and easier for the mule to stay calm and focused

Training Programs are customized to meet the needs of the mule and rider team. Tim will train you to train your mule – OR – will train the mule to meet your specifications. All Clients are required to work with Tim before the training begins, then work with Tim after the training is complete. This gives the owner an overall better understanding of their mules training to date and any further training needed.

ATTENTION: All mules that are accepted into training and clinics must be up to date on all vaccinations, coggins, properly shod or trimmed, sound and in good health. A training contract/liability release and mule information page MUST be completed before training will begin. Clinic participants must also comply. Tim requires a minimum of 90 days for mule-starting.


Hourly Private Instruction

Tim offers Private Instruction to both mule and rider, beginner thru advanced. Private lessons can be held at your farm or ranch or here in Cody, Wyoming. Lessons focus on the goals of the mule and rider team and vary in length depending on the needs of the mule and or rider. Tim will focus on such topics as body position, keeping your mule balanced and focused on the task at hand and problem solving.

Private Lessons are $75 an hour, each additional hour is also $75. Tim’s travel expenses are the responsibility of the client.

Daily Private Instruction (Mule & Owner)

Daily private training is also available at $500 per day. Tim will work with you and your mule for 5 hours each day – 9AM to 11:30AM and 1PM to 3:30PM. Tim will cover the topics of your choice and will introduce exercises that will help you achieve your goals. You choose the number of days to train with Tim.

One problem many mule owners have, is not knowing what to do with their mule or how to fix problems they are having. Tim teaches you to teach your mule, so you will be able to train your mule. Private lessons are held at Tim’s ranch in Cody, WY, your ranch, or place of choice anywhere in the United States. Should Tim travel to your ranch or place of choice, you will be responsible for all travel and daily expenses for Tim to get to and back from your ranch or place of choice.

The Daily Private Instruction is Tim’s most popular training program.

Problem Solving

Tim conducts problem solving sessions such as: Trailer Loading, picking up feet, proper leading, hard-to-bridle mules and crossing water. Call to discuss your goals with Tim and he will determine the length of time that will work best for your individual situation. Prices may vary based on time needed, however a minimum of one-hour at $100 is required. Each additional hour is also $100. Tim will travel to your facility. Tim’s travel expenses are the responsibility of the client.

Phone Consultations

Tim’s extensive knowledge and training experience with mules and donkeys is now available through a Phone Consultation Mule and donkey owners may have questions about training or training problems that can be easily resolved by Tim with a Phone Consultation.

You can purchase 30 mins or more of one-on-one phone time with Tim. The process is easy.

Step #1. Send Tim an email with your training question or problem.

Step #2. Purchase Phone Consultation time below.

Step #3. you will be contacted by email to set up a time for your one on- one Phone Consultation with Tim.

Sometimes Tim will reference one of his training articles on this web site. If you have internet access during the Phone Consultation, it is helpful but not required. Phone consultations are $40.00 for a 30 minute consultation or $75.00 for an one hour consultation.

Weekly and Monthly Training (Mule Only)

Tim offers Weekly and Monthly Training. Mules will be trained 5 to 6 days per week – one hour per day. Board and feed is included in the training fees. Tim requires a minimum of 90 days for starting a mule under saddle. Trail, Western Discipline Training available. Call to discuss your objectives and goals with your mule and Tim will customize a program to fit your needs. A $250 deposit is required to hold your mule’s spot for training. The deposit is non-refundable. Outdoor Arena, Trails, Indoor Arena, Round Pen facilities available. Weekly training is $250. Monthly training is $1000.

Board fee for mules not in training is $10 per day.

When starting a mule under saddle, Tim focuses on the following basic training and requires a minimum of 90 days. Remember, if a program has been customized for you, additional topics will be covered with your mule as agreed upon by you and Tim. Please understand not all mules will learn at the same pace, some may need more than 90 days to accomplish the following tasks.

Round Pen Work – Inside and outside turns
Come to you Cue
Advanced inside turns
Sacking Out & Spook in Place
Go Forward Cue
Hip & Shoulder Control
Lightness on the bit (Giving to the Bit)
Proper Leading
Trailer Loading
Canter/Lope (if time allows)