For Sale – Young Mules and Donkeys


Dark Brown Jack Foal. Born 10/14/2018. Black Shoulder Cross, Line Back and Black legs. Very, very friendly. Great disposition and loves to be around people. Tips his head into the halter as you halter him. Can be led by himself and easily picks up all 4 feet.

Sire is a 13.1 3 year old Brown/Dark Gray large standard jack with dark shoulder crosses, dorsal stripe and dark legs.

Dam is a Black Jenny with white points. She has always produced a mammoth donkey no matter the sire.

This jack is not out of “Diamond Creek Major”

$2,000 Delivery available


You can put a deposit down on a mule or donkey foal. You will receive an “Unborn Foal Purchase and Sales Agreement” contract. You can choose one of our Mares or Jenny’s and you have first right to purchase the foal from “Diamond Creek Major” and from that mare or jenny. You can also put a deposit down and not choose a mare or jenny. You will have your choice of any available foal not already purchased.

The Deposit is non-refundable, but it is transferable to any other foal, mule, or donkey for sale. So, if you choose a mare or jenny and the mare or the jenny does not have a mule or donkey that you like, example being, wrong color, wrong sex, wrong markings, or any other reason, you can transfer that deposit to any other foal, mule or donkey still available for sale. We will also allow you to transfer your deposit to the following year if this season’s foals are not suitable. Deposits can only be transferred for one year.

This is a very popular program, as a person knows that they can #1 purchase a foal and #2 purchase a foal from a specific mare that they like. It is having a foal from a great mare, but not owning that mare and the expense that goes with it. Also, not having to worry about the foal being sold, as you know you will be getting a foal from “Diamond Creek Major” before they sell out.